Talented Audrey Veloce is tops in Ashburn

By Chris Wadsworth

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Audrey Veloce and you feel as though she’s staring intently at you, don’t be alarmed. She’s a portraiture artist, so the details of a face are endlessly fascinating to her.

“I like hyperrealism,” said the 17-year-old, who lives in Broadlands. “When you look at the features on a face, I like to replicate those things. I like using a lot of color and focusing on the miniscule details, really hyper-focusing on each feature to help bring the whole piece to life.”

Audrey Veloce

Audrey has received multiple honors for her artwork, the latest being named Best Artist in Ashburn Magazine’s Best of Ashburn 2021 survey, for the second year in a row. Now a senior at Briar Woods High School, she hopes to continue pursuing art in college — she’s been accepted to Virginia Tech, James Madison University and Virginia Commonwealth University. And she has her eye on becoming a graphic artist 

With that in mind, we asked Audrey to share some of her favorite pieces with us and tell us a little about her process. You can see her images above and below.

I am currently working on this piece. It’s one of the largest pieces of artwork I’ve done, standing around 4ft tall. It’s a combination of abstract and realistic art.
This is a colored pencil_graphite drawing of Chadwick Boseman, left purposefully unfinished because his life was cut short far too quickly. He was a source of inspiration to me and many others, an empowering individual who deserved so much more.
I drew this work as a semi-realistic portrait of a singer I love. I first drew her face and hair with colored pencils, then digitally rendered highlights and butterflies surrounding her.
This is a piece loosely following a Bob Ross tutorial, focusing on vivid colors and a bright atmosphere.
This piece shows my “inner child” artwork in comparison to my current work now. The style is intentionally messy to convey the mixed emotions and conflict that comes along as you grow.